Human Rights and Aid

Submission to the Independent Review on Aid Effectiveness

This submission into the effectiveness of Australia’s aid program draws on two major documents from the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, 2005 and Aid effectiveness and human rights: strengthening the implementation of the Paris Declaration, 2006. It also takes into account the policies of bilateral and multilateral agencies and best practice in the implementation of the human rights-based approach to development, including the Council’s own contribution to the field.

Submitted on the 4th February 2011.

Download Aid Effectiveness Submission PDF.

Training Programs

This training program features a series of exercises, practical campaigning suggestions and a list of useful references as well as providing a comprehensive introduction to the human rights-based approach to development.

The Action Pack contains a series of documents that will facilitate advocacy targeting bilateral and multilateral development agencies. It can be purchased direct from HRCA.